Saturday, October 19, 2013

Result of a shopping trip...

Today's picture comes from a small little event that happened while I was shopping this morning.  I actually started my Christmas shopping at a "Big Toy Sale" at a local store.  I had my list and was ready for the crowds.  Last year I tried to go to this sale and it was INSANE!  Today, not so much.  This must be a result of the economy downturn.  At any rate, there was a "four generation" family shopping ahead of me.  The sight of these little ones, shopping with their mom, grandma and great-grandma took my breath away.  And those two little girls reminded me of Lia and Ellie.  And I remembered this picture.  At this point, in 2009, my mom was able to still go shopping with us, and we often did that during our visits.  It wasn't much longer though and she was not as able to get around.  And soon, we were doing the shopping for her and she was happy to stay at home.  But that family today, reminded me of the wonderful times I had together as four generations.  I am so thankful that Gwen always made time and took great effort to get to Minnesota to visit my mom.  It wasn't easy traveling with babies, but Gwen and Tim made many, many trips.  Even though Lia and Ellie won't remember the details of these visits, they do remember my mom.  And for that, I am grateful. 

You know, I am thinking that this blog is really about YESTERDAY'S blog.  It's all about the people.  Yesterday I was thinking about the church, but today - it's all about the family.  I would like to think that my kids would say that we spent a lot of time together as they were growing up.  But I guess I'll have to ask them to hear their actual answer.  I know that we often laugh and laugh lots when we are together.   There seems to be many, many, triggers for the laughter and it doesn't matter what the occasion, we find things to laugh about.  It also makes me so thankful for the time that I have gotten to spend with my grandchildren.  But more than that, it makes me committed to spending as much time together as we can.

Ken was reminding me that things usually happen for a reason.  Today I am feeling more sure that my job situation has happened for a reason. I have been able to spend more time with the people around me.  I saw friends and had time to visit with them. And I am looking forward to being able to spend more time with family in the days ahead.  Additionally, I am going to be able to attend those conferences that I had mentioned before. Yes, more time to be with the people that matter to me. 

As I was driving home from shopping this morning, I heard the song "How Great Is Our God".  Boy do I love that song!  It's about being together -  one line of the song is "sing with me...." 
How great is our God,  Sing with me
How great is our God, all will see
how great how great
Is our God

You're the name above all names
You are worthy of all praises
and my heart will sing
How Great is Our God
And along with it being a song that we sing together, the idea is that ALL WILL SEE that our God is great. Just as I was thinking yesterday, this "Gospel" is all about people.  It is all of us that know Jesus, getting together.  And when we are together (AKA in Unity), then people will see that and begin to understand just how great our God is!  And this getting together is really about getting together with people who are not just like us.  That is when the true unity is clearly seen by the world.  I remember hearing that the most segregated hour of the week is 10:00am on Sunday morning. This is because there were so many "all white" or "all black" or "all Asian" or "all Hispanic" churches.  I am going to be adding a prayer for the "Church" (remember that the church is the people) to come into unity, so that we can sing together and THEN the world will see HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD!

Jesus, thank you for another reminder today that people are the most important thing.  People in our family, people that are in the world and people that are in the church.  Holy Spirit, thank you for bringing that song to me today, along with the reminder about how important it is to sing together as the body of Christ.  Jesus, thank you for all of the churches that are doing this today.  Thank you for the places that are a picture of unity in you.  Jesus, what a blessing you have given to me with this time off.  Thank you for the time to reflect on what is really important.  Jesus, thank you for all the four generation time that I had.  Bless that family that I saw this morning.  And Holy Spirit, remind people to appreciate their family time together.  Jesus, you are great and you have the name above all names. Amen

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