Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It was a "partly foggy, mostly not sunny day".....

I am going to blog something that I never, ever thought I would be blogging about...... the weather!  Yes, the weather.  Today was one of those grey, late fall days when the clouds hung heavy in the sky.  It felt kind of muggy, even at 7:00 as I was going to work.  Like it could rain at any moment, but then it didn't.  Thankfully, it was nice enough to be outside with the little ones in the late morning.   I loved this explanation of the weather today, given by the "weather watcher" in the 3 year old room......  He spent several minutes looking out the window this morning, then declared it was a "partly foggy, mostly NOT sunny day"!   I just loved this.  Needless to say, the teacher did not have a partly foggy, mostly NOT sunny day, flannel piece to put up on the calendar!  So she settled on the grey clouds.  Then, suddenly, the heavens opened up and it rained and rained and rained. 

So, I was thinking about this during nap time (while patting the back of a 17 month old who did NOT think it was nap time - for 2 hours).   I love the mind of a three year old that doesn't say it is foggy - it is only PARTLY foggy.  and then, its not dark and grey it is simply NOT sunny!   I loved this positive spin on the pretty ugly day.

Wouldn't it be much better if we saw all of the icky stuff in our life as PARTLY bad? And really, isn't it the truth that usually, not EVERYTHING is going wrong.  And wouldn't we feel a lot better about things if we focused on the good stuff that is really just around the corner (or in this case, hiding behind a cloud)?  I was thinking about the TRUTH that the sun is always shining, we just might not be able to see it.  I know that there is so much written and spoken about the glass half empty/half full.  But I just couldn't resist.  Because really, that is what this is all about.  But today I'm thinking on a much deeper level.  Today I realized that even when really lousy things happen to us, behind it all, the SON is shining.  Yep, Jesus is there and he is always in charge.  He is the Lord of Lord and the King of Kings.  And He reigns! Even over the really icky days.   So now I will be thinking about the less than perfect things in my life as "partly cloudy, mostly not sunny day, with a 100% chance of the SON shining! 

Jesus, thank you so much for the wisdom of little children.  Thank you, Holy Spirit for this revelation to remind me that the SON is always shining even when things look bleak and dark.  Thank you for the reminder that you are in charge every day, whatever the weather, whatever the circumstance.   Jesus, hold close in you arms all those that are having one of those ICKY days.  Holy Spirit, bless them with the assurance that Jesus is shining and brightly reigning.   Amen

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