Friday, October 25, 2013

Amazing, incredible, awesome night!

What an amazing night I had last night.  I am writing this post in the morning, rather than at night since I didn't arrive home until after 11:00pm last night.  It was the opening night of this conference.  I am so blessed to be able to attend this event, even if I had to leave "early"- before the end of the session last night, since I have a 40 minute drive home. 
Here's the absolutely amazing part of the night.  HUB Ministries found out that there were 12 other major events like this happening around the United States on the same weekend.  As Nancy Magiera said, this is highly unusual.  She found some evidence that throughout history, these dates have included some of the largest revivals ever seen.  She got in contact with the leaders from these other conferences and together they decided to "prefer someone else, rather than themselves".  So last night the conference opened with all of us praying and interceeding for the OTHER events!  And more than that, IRIS Ministries (Rolland and Heidi Baker) - the ministry that is supported by HUB, has a large International event this weekend.  They have invited 7,000 leaders from the top 50 countries that persecute Christians to a large conference.  So, it was possible to imagine being united with people (as Nancy put it) "from sea to shining sea" as well as reaching the nations. 
The evening worship included these words............
Every eye is on the bridegroom, every eye is on the king
Behold His glory.  We will see his glory.
Lift up our eyes, come let us adore him.
Isn't He holy,  Isn't He worthy,  Isn't He beautiful.
Yes, I am expectant and hopeful for the rest of this amazing event this weekend.  It is so wonderful to see UNITY among ministries!  It really feels heavenly.
Yesterday I came upon this utube video The Christmas Scale.  What an awesome video.  And an amazing reminder ...... Joy to the World, The Lord has come!  So, Come Let Us Adore Him!  Yes, a Christmas message in October!
Jesus, thank you for this opportunity to worship and pray in unity with so many of your people around the world. Bless these events, and other events that are unknown to me, happening this weekend.  Thank you for this video and the story that it contains.  Help us all, Holy Spirit, to live and walk in the knowledge that we have JOY, because the Lord has come.  And help us to come together and adore Him!  Amen

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