Monday, October 28, 2013

Should have seen this one coming.........

This will be a short blog post tonight.  After the amazing last several days at a conference, I should have know that a return to my "regular life" would have forecasted a "let down".  And today was certainly that in many ways. 
Now don't get me wrong, I am so thankful for this new job.  But the first day of ANY new job is stressful.  Today was no exception.  And it was a LONG day (9.0 hours of work).  And it was not without incident.  As a matter of fact, within the first 10 minutes of my day I had to fill out an "incident" report when one child bit another child.  Yes, that's right, the first 10 minutes.  And there are a lot of names to remember and lots of procedures and tasks to remember.  So my brain feels a little foggy.
And then, I really messed up on a couple of important tasks that I was doing that are really critical things.  And it was simply my foggy-ness that caused this. 
So I will be heading back to my second day of work tomorrow - another 9 hour day. But I am praying that it gets easier and less stressful.  And I am praying for extra grace and understanding of the people who are affected by my mess up! 
You know, its at times like this that I am so thankful that Jesus know it all!  He not only knows all, but he loves me just the same. He planned my new job and he will help me through the transition.  I am confident that I will be able to straighten out the mess I made, and I can trust that the Holy Spirit will help me know what steps to take.   And he is helping to give me a better end to the day, just by writing about it!  You know I am actually feeling more peaceful and less stressed.  Isn't that great!  So I guess I'll end this post with this...........
Jesus, will you please help anyone else that had a not-so-great day to relax and talk about it with you so that they can have a bit of this peace and calm I am feeling.  Thank you Holy Spirit that you remind me that mistakes happen and there is grace for our humanness.  What a blessing to have you Jesus, to help me turn my frown into a smile!   Amen

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