Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas 1980 and help from another blog!

Today I was thinking about the Christmas pictured above.  This was Christmas 1980.  Gwen was 18 months old.   I have a lot of special memories of this Christmas.  If you asked Ken, I am sure that he would not remember anything about this year, but I sure do!  First of all, I made the dress that Gwen is wearing.  It was a soft, velour fabric and I loved that the color of the dress matched Gwen's eyes.  The little pinafore was made out of a soft velvet.  It was warm and sweet and she loved to twirl.  If you think Gwen looks a bit out of it in this picture, it is because it was at 10:30pm.  Ken and I decided to go to candlelight service at church.  So we woke Gwen, dressed her up and went to church.  If this wasn't crazy enough, you need to know that it was below zero.  WAY below zero.  Like freezing cold.  But, I remember her cuddling and falling back to sleep in my lap during church.  And then I remember her mesmerized by the candles.  I think this is one of my favorite of all times, Christmas memories.  

Then, there was the presents on Christmas morning.  Ken and I didn't have much money that year and we had decided to spend only $25 on Gwen.  I remember I went to the Woolworths because they had a "big sale".  That year Gwen got a set of play plastic dishes, a set of play pots and pans (and the back of the box was a "stove"), a kid sized broom and dust pan, a set of wooden blocks and a doll (that we had bought the day after Christmas the year before).  When I say that Gwen played for HOURS with these presents, I am not exaggerating.  She was so excited about each thing and she played and played with everything.  For weeks following Christmas.  Our living room coffee table was her play kitchen area and she swept the carpet over and over.  I had felt sort of bad about spending so little and not getting her anything very "fancy" but this was really a wonderful Christmas.  We didn't have any family for a big celebration, but it was an amazing holiday for me and I think for Gwen. 

I was thinking about this Christmas today when I was considering how I need to move ahead into 2014.  I remember that I wanted a very fancy dress for Gwen that year, but our small budget made my choice very clear........ I would have to make the dress!  That was the arrow pointing the way for me that year.  So I made that dress!  And I loved that dress - even more than the very fancy dresses I had seen in the stores.  I had a limited budget for presents, so I had to choose very carefully.  I "went with my gut" about what she would like.  And I made good choices.  I went to Woolworths instead of ToysRUs.  The circumstances dictated the path I walked.  It is like that old saying "If you get lemons, make lemonade!" 

I mentioned last night that I have felt encouraged by some recent revelations and/or answers to prayer.  Today I read one of my favorite blogs, Momastery. (  She was writing about John 2 and Jesus' first miracle - water to wine.  Then I hit this paragraph......

Anyway, this is all to say that if you don’t feel ready- if you are waiting to Get Started Doing Your Thing- you are in good company. Even Jesus felt unprepared to begin. But look- I want you to picture me looking directly at you trying to convey this message: “I am unsure of what your lack of readiness has to do with the fact that the world needs the little miracle that only YOU can perform. The world needs you to use your gift – ready or not.”

Thank you very much Momastery!  I have felt a lack of readiness to move ahead into whatever it is that I am supposed to be doing and I needed this "Kick in the Pants".  Yesterday I heard very clearly that I would have clear confirmation in the next two weeks and all I needed to do is just be listening!  So I am considering this reminder from Momastery that being unsure and not ready, is no excuse!  And I know I will be getting more of the picture in the days ahead. 

Jesus, thank you for reminding me that you use circumstances to guide and direct us.  Thank you for speaking to me in so many different ways.  Holy Spirit, help me to remember who I am in Jesus. I know that it is YOUR gifts that need to be used and shared!  Thank you for memories, for Christmas and Momastery.  Amen

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