Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Not your typical Christmas Day.....

Well Ken and I spent a really nice, yet not so typical Christmas Day.  We got up late.  I made a big breakfast.  We watched some Christmas movies on TV.  I made a pork tenderloin in the crock pot (which actually got done sooner than expected) so we ate our big meal at about 3:00pm.  Then we watched a couple more movies.  And here it is, the end of the day.  Yet, this was really a nice day.  I have a bit of a cold so I really appreciated being able to sleep as long as I wanted.  I don't often get to do nothing. So today was wonderful in that regard.  While it did not resemble Christmas' of the past, it was nice.  And I feel as if this might well be the new normal for us. 

So today I was looking through the books on my bookshelf.  I found this devotional journal that I have never started. 
 I have decided that this will be my devotional for the first 90 days of 2014 (or longer if I get "stuck" at some point).   I like having a jumping off point for the new year.  I love that this is all focused on Jesus - exactly where I have been hearing that I need to be looking - UP at my LEADER!  I mentioned last week that I had received some revelation and answers while driving home.  One of the things that I heard really clearly, was that I needed to be doing more journaling in the year ahead.  I haven't done much in the last three months.  It has really been a time of unrest and upheaval.  And I have found it very difficult to put words to paper.  I am praying that this book will be the clear path to further revelation for me.
One more I passed 10,000 hits on this blog.  I really see that as a gift - a wonderful Christmas gift.  I started this blog because I felt very called to share the things that Jesus was saying to me.  I had felt so stuck and like there was tape over my mouth preventing me from sharing.  I have been able to share not only what is happening in my life, but what Jesus is saying to me about this.  Remembering a conversation I had with Gwen.  She said it was my job to write the blog and then not worry about who might read it.  I honestly could not imagine who might care to read this or how people would find this blog.  But the response has been more than amazing.  I have had readers in 35 countries.  There has been many, many comments and emails that have encouraged me.  I started this blog because I felt that I had "canned" the things I was hearing - you know, just stored them up.  It has been simply amazing to be able to share with you WHATEVER is on my heart that day. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.  I pray that Jesus will bless you as you read these words. 
Jesus, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you for the amazing gift that has been given to us all through your birth!  Thank you for revealing yourself to us.  Thank you for speaking to us and showing us the path to fulfill our destiny.  What an wonderful and loving God you are!  Bless all who take the time to read this blog.  Give them clarity and vision and most of all your love and peace.   Amen

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  1. WOW 10,000 hits! Hi everyone I'm Ken Lyn's husband. Thank you all for your encouragement to Lyn. I'm so proud of her and what Jesus has lead her to do here. May the Love, Joy and Peace of Christmas be with you and everyone.