Tuesday, December 31, 2013

End of year review

So end of the year.  Wow - 2013 just seemed to fly by.  I am so glad that I have this blog to remind me of the amazing things that have transpired during this year.  I had been thinking of starting a blog for several months.  Even after I started actually writing this blog, I wondered if it was something that I was supposed to be doing.  It didn't take long to see that not only was this blog for me, it was also touching other people.  My second blog post was about being "stuffed".  Hearing so many things from Jesus and not having any way to share them.  Yes, this blog has allowed me to share over and over the words, dreams, visions and thoughts that the Holy Spirit has spoken to me.  I love that I am not in charge of who sees and/or reads these blogs.  I simply put them out there and trust that the right people will read them.  Then I realized that Jesus was showing me something about my generational roots.  There is so much power in knowing and understanding your family.  As I looked at pictures and began to share stories from my ancestors, I realized that I was doing something important.  Not only for me and my children and grandchildren.  But for others.  I have had more emails and comments on the stories about my great grandparents and grandparents than anything else.  I believe that our society has lost the art of "storytelling".  Years ago most family stories were "oral" stories, told over and over at family gatherings.  The sharing of photo's and stories on this blog are stories and I am just telling true stories in a different written format.  I am thankful that this important family history will not be lost. Someday my grandchildren can read these words and know about their family.  And then I love that I can share the little things, the insights from my everyday life.  I just spent some time reading over some of my posts and I am thankful for this open journaling I have done through this blog.  I have years and years (1988 -2013) of journals - I mean storage boxes full of notebooks.  They are very valuable to me and reflect the long and winding path I have taken and reflect years of ups and downs.  The biggest thing in those journals is the overriding provision and protection and guidance of Jesus.  Those journals are for my eyes only.  So I have to tell you, it has been very scary to put myself out there through this blog.  But I have really learned and grown in the process. 

Thank you for reading, for commenting, for giving me your feedback.  It has really been a most wonderful part of my 2013.  As I've said, 2014 is about expecting the unexpected.  It is about seeing from a different perspective and with new Spiritual eyes.  It is about seeing a new path and a new direction.  I am filled with expectation and peace as I close the door on 2013 and open the door to a new year.  I am praying that you will be blessed and prosper as you follow your own path into the future.

Jesus, thank you for all that you have shown me and all the changes and insights you have given to me in 2013.  Holy Spirit, keep our hearts open and our spirits sensitive as we step out in 2014.  Thank you for your great provision, direction and care.  Move us onward!  Amen

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