Sunday, December 29, 2013

Seeing more 2014

Even though New Years is a couple of days away, I have been feeling the "end of Christmas" today.  I can't really explain why, it just seems to be there.  I am already thinking about taking down the Christmas tree.  One of the very best things about the holidays is the being together.  I know that I have said that over and over, but when I think about the year in review..... what comes to mind is the time we have spent together.   I simply adore the picture above.  It was taken at the end of our family Christmas celebration (which actually happened on the 21st).  Nothing makes me smile more than this picture.  Those sweet little ones cuddled up to us.  Yes, this is smile stuff!  It has given me a greater appreciation of how my mom really loved being around her grandchildren and great grandchildren.  There is something really special about holding those babies on your lap and seeing a part of yourself, continuing on. 
I love this picture of my mom and Gwen and Doug.  It resonates with the picture above.  It was taken as we were "celebrating Christmas" just after Thanksgiving when Grandma was here visiting.  I want to have the same close relationship with my grandchildren that my mom had with my kids.  And I love that I see it in that picture above.  It's as if I am seeing new things through these old pictures.
Recently there was an Elijah list post    that included this.....
The Lord says, "I am expanding your spiritual perception. In the same way that binoculars are adjusted to see in magnification, wide angle or panoramic view, I am going to open My people's eyes to see things in a new way. For some of you, The Seer anointing will open up to you and you will receive visions and dreams, and your eyes will be opened as the blinders are lifted. There is a door standing open in Heaven. It is not a natural door and I am calling you to come up here and I will show you things that must take place. You shall declare a thing, and it shall be established."
Sometimes I feel as if I have been given a totally new perspective as I look back at pictures of my family from the past and reflect on current events.  I love that Jesus is changing how I see things.  I can't wait for an even bigger, clearer vision in 2014.  I have the sense that all of us only see the very small surface of people and events.  There is so much more beneath the surface and around the edges and behind the scene, if we would only take the time and look more carefully.  One thing that I will be doing in 2014 is praying for an expanded view!  Won't you join me?
Jesus, thank you for grandchildren and smiles and family and love.  Holy Spirit, will you help me to have that expanded view in the days ahead.  Thank you for those word from the Elijah list.  Give us all a changed perspective and the desire to see beyond the surface.  Thank you for Christmas and celebrations and wonderful time together.   Amen

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