Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Facebook.....more than it seems

There is a lot of stuff out there about how BAD social media is, in so many ways.  While some of the points might be true, there is a lot of GOOD stuff about Facebook also!  Tonight I want to share something that has really touched my life through Facebook.  I have 121 friends on Facebook.  Not a big number, but not a small number either.  And here is the thing.  There are a few of these "friends" that I have never met in person, yet they are really some of the most important people to me.

Well, here's a little personal story tonight.  This goes along with truth telling and it is also an important part of my testimony.   Way back in 1991, I met a wonderful couple, Bob and Sue.  Now here's the thing, these two people helped me make sense of my life, when nothing in my life seemed to jive.  At the time, Sue was working as a nurse and often missed the meetings that brought us together.  But every time she was there, she helped me see Jesus and brought understanding to me.  Bob and Sue spoke into my spirit and helped me grow up into a disciple of Jesus.  Bob was an Elder at our church and when my daughter Gwen was confirmed, Bob was the Elder that prayed for her.  He spoke a verse to her that continues to speak to her today.  It was a sad day for me when Bob and Sue moved out of the area, but I knew that they were following God's call on their life.   Sue and I continued to stay in touch via "snail mail" and I loved hearing about all that was happening for them. It was very sad learning that Sue had cancer.  And while I celebrated that Sue was in heaven with Jesus when she died, it was still a sad day for me.   Now here is today's REAL story.  I don't know exactly how I started following Kathleen Mate-Thiede David Thiede.  David Thiede is Bob and Sue's son and Kathleen is his wife.  When I  first found her page, I was immediately interested.  There was so much encouragement and hope and joy in her posts.  She was sharing and posting and praying for so many people.  It didn't take long for me to ask to be her friend.  I really don't know why she accepted my request.  I am sure that she doesn't have any idea (even today) how I found her.  We do have a few mutual friends, so that is most likely what made her friend me.   Very soon, through her posts, it became clear that she was not well. Yet her posts were filled with thankfulness and hope.  It is clear that Kathleen and David have an amazing relationship filled with love. Very often when reading her posts, I will get a flash of Bob and Sue.  Recently she posted a picture on a "throw back Thursday"  that included Bob and Sue. It was certainly a wonderful memory jog for me to see Bob and Sue as I remember them.   I didn't quite know the depth of Kathleen's illness until just recently.  Another one of her friends started a fund raising page for Kathleen....fund for Kathleen Thiede.  On this page you can read about her complex medical issues, as well as understand their great financial need.  

If there is one thing I have learned over the years, it is very hard to be humble enough to ask for help.  I am so thankful for Kathleen's friend that started this page.  I can tell you that this couple has a real need and this is not a scam.  Tonight I am just so thankful for Facebook and this connection.  And I am praying that some of you, reading this blog, will be motivated to help these wonderful people take care of their pressing medical needs.  I have been so blessed and felt so supported by this amazing lady that I have never met.  When she says she is praying, I feel those prayers.  What a gift she is to me and so many others.  And Jesus is calling me to stand with them as they seek your support.  

Jesus, thank you for connecting me with Kathleen and David.  Thank you for the connections that we make through Facebook.  Holy Spirit, you put this on my heart  so I am trusting you will motivate others to participate in what Jesus is doing today.  Bless Kathleen and David with the assurance of your love and care tonight. Jesus, bring restoration and health and healing to Kathleen!  Thank you for all who read this blog.  Amen

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