Monday, September 29, 2014

Singing while I walk in those footprints...

Wow, it's been a long time since I first heard this CD.....and it was life changing.  In the course of several months, I acquired ALL of his CD's.  Each one seemed better than the one before.  I had some "favorites" among other music, but nothing really touched me to the same depths as this music.  I am sure that there was a powerful anointing on Terry when he worshiped and as these (mostly live) worship times were recorded.  I have 9 different CD's and I don't think I can choose a favorite one.  I planned and hosted an entire women's retreat weekend using one of these CD's.  It was one of the best weekend retreats I have ever led - or for that matter- been on!  Yes, I love this music.

Now, here's the thing about this music.  Somewhere around four years ago, there was a point when this music was no longer on the market and Terry MacAlmon was not touring.  He had experienced a personal crisis of faith and had stepped down from the ministry.  So, suddenly, all of his music was considered "off limits" and across the board,  it was no longer used in worship.  So, in obedience to my leaders, I stopped listening to this music as well.   What happened to me personally, was that I experienced a dark place as far as worship.  It became so hard for me to even enter into worship, no matter where I was.  This was a difficult, difficult time for me.   One of the hardest things for me was that I didn't really understand why all of this music was so suddenly not good.  Okay, he might have made a mistake, but which one of us hasn't been there?  But does that immediately discredit everything good that Jesus had done in the past?  And where is forgiveness in this ?  After some time, I saw that Terry and returned to ministry and was touring again.  Even after I was told that it was not a good idea to return to this music, I thought I would trust that Jesus would show me if this was not something I was supposed to be doing.  So I began again to listen and worship.

The result was almost an immediate upswing in my spirit.  As a matter of fact, I really believe that it was this music that spurred me to step out and begin this blog.  And it was around that time that I stepped out into some other new and different places also.  So this music represents some powerful footprints for me.  I have walked in them, stopped and then began walking once again.   As I have mentioned before, I may not agree totally with Terry, but Jesus is the central focus of all of his music. That music is a wonderful blessing to me.

One of the most divisive things in the church is how we treat our sisters and brothers who fall, make mistakes, or have some other kind of crisis.  This whole process with this music has convinced me that I need to just keep my focus on Jesus and trust that He will guide and direct me.  And I believe that is a good place for others to stay.  So my encouragement to you tonight is to keep your focus on Jesus!  And that is enough.

Jesus, thank you so much for Terry MacAlmon and this amazing music.  Thank you for speaking to me and ministering to my spirit through the words and melodies of these songs.  Holy Spirit, it is so amazing to know that you will guide and direct us and keep us on that right path.  Thank you for footprints and music and mostly, thank you for Jesus.  Amen

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