Saturday, September 20, 2014

Live each day fully!

So I spent a few hours today creating a game for Doug and Susie's baby shower that is next weekend.  I have pictures of Doug and Susie from their childhood and people will need to guess how old they are in each picture.  This got me thinking about Doug when he WAS my little boy.  I really had to search to find a picture of me with Doug since I was the photographer back then.  This was one of the first pictures that Gwen ever took!  She did a pretty good job I think.  And I am thankful to have this picture.  And I am also feeling thankful that I have another little boy to love on.....Zeke!
Yes, I sure love this little cutie!  (This picture was taken by Ellie, and she sure did a good job, also).  And who knows, I might have another little boy to love on!  (We do not know the sex of Doug and Susie's baby.  It seems that I might be the only one who thinks BOY, but who knows, I might be right!)

I think there is something really special between a mom and her son (and a grandma and her grandson).  There are times when it doesn't seem possible that Doug is "all grown up".  When I consider the health issues that Doug had as a child, I feel extremely grateful when you hear about children with cancer or disabilities who don't grow up.  I have been following another blog for quite some time - Mary Tyler Mom.  If you go to this link, you can read stories of children with cancer (September is Childhood Cancer Month).  You can also read Donna's story, the blogger's daughter who died from cancer.  Here's the thing, FOR ALL OF US,  We need to be living everyday as if it were the last day we had here.  A funeral yesterday, and thinking about babies today brought me to this revelation.

What is really important to you right now?  Does it really matter that your entire house is perfectly clean?  Or are there people that you should be spending time enjoying?  Is is more important to work outside of work, or should you be outside, breathing in the fresh air and watching the birds fly around.  And more importantly, are there people out there who you should call, stop by to see, smile at?   These are all things to consider. We really need each other.  Family, friends, neighbors, even those people we just encounter on a regular basis (the grocery clerks, bank tellers, waitress')  all are important.  I am so thankful that I get to actually SEE and hold my grandchildren every week rather than just connecting with them electronically.  Yes, I think it is time to put down our phones, close our laptops, shut off our tablets and pay attention to the people around us.  And in the process of connecting with people, we will also connect in a deeper way with Jesus.  There is nothing like good fellowship and conversation to bring insight and revelation and solutions to difficult situations.  Yes, we all need that quiet place.  But we also need this kind of connections.  In a balance of the quiet and connected we will find a deepening relationship with Jesus.

So, make tomorrow a day of quiet and connections.  Go outside and breathe in the fresh air.  Look at the trees and watch the sky.  Celebrate another day.  Celebrate your family.  And mostly, celebrate Jesus.

Thank you for who you are Jesus.  For your amazing love and grace.  Thank you for reminding us what is really important.  Draw us deeper into your heart, Jesus.  Holy Spirit, nudge us when we hold on to things that are not important.  Help us to connect with those around us.  Thank you for Doug and Zeke!  Amen

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