Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day 16 - Thankful for Innovative new toys

So today I was doing a bit of Christmas Shopping for my grandchildren.  My 7 year old granddaughter has requested "stacking cups".  Here is a link you need to watch  if you don't know what this is and how they are used - Stacking Cups.  WOW!  Is all I can say about this new "sport".  I guess that my little 7 year old Lia is learning to do this in school!  I read on the Internet that children who practice this "game" actually dramatically improve on their academic scores in both math and reading!  Isn't it great that an activity that kids love, is actually helping them?

I visited a new toy store in our neighborhood.  It was simply a wonderful spot.  There were so many unusual and amazing toys that I could literally spend hundreds of dollars at that store without even making it all the way through the store.  And the best thing about these toys was that they were all DIFFERENT than what you might find at Toys R Us or Walmart.  Yes, some of them cost a bit more, but they were all so worth it!  I saw things that I have never even heard about.  Like "Liquid snow" - which apparently you pour out and as you pour it, it turns from a liquid to snow flakes?  I saw a wonderful new building toy that was suction cups that stuck together.  I could have played with these for hours.  There were so many science things, so many art and craft things, so many amazing books, so MANY things!  And the most amazing thing was that I don't think I saw an electronic thing in that store! 
So I suppose it seems kind of contrary to post about NON-electronic things after my yesterday's thankful post about Facebook and the Internet.  I simply see this as the wonderful way that Jesus works.  He is using all those electronic/computer/Internet things, but he is also giving people creative ideas for new NON-electronic toys.  I don't know the history of this new sport of "Cup Stacking" but the kids are loving it.  And it is benefiting them.  So, I happily bought a set for Lia, for Christmas!  (Thankfully Lia is not old enough to be reading my blog!) 
I remember my mom talking about Aunt Anna and her dad.  They both loved all the new things, as they became available.  My mom always had a telephone in her house, which wasn't a normal thing back in the 1920's.  And thanks to my mom and dad I had one of the first "play" computers - a "Think A Tron".
Hasbros Think-A-Tron Box
I got this for Christmas in 1961.  I was just about Lia's age.  It was quite the thing.  You put a card that had a question on it, in the machine and it would light up the answer - either True or False or the number of the answer 1, 2 or 3.  Boy I wish I had saved this item.  I just saw on Ebay that one like mine is selling for $600!  So I guess that I have liked the new and different toys since I was a child!  As did my mom and dad! So I am thankful for the people who dream up these new toys!

I have been thinking about that creative genius spirit that has been given to some people. Because Yahweh IS THE creator, that spirit comes from him. I love that people are still inventing and creating and coming up with new things. I see this as a present revelation of the creator! Since the Bible tells us that the Kingdom of God is constantly increasing, it should not be a surprise that new and creative inventions are increasing. I get excited thinking about what new things are just around the corner.
Jesus, thank you for Lia and her desire for this new game!  Holy Spirit, thank you for your inspiration that brings about these new and amazing toys that stretch the imagination of children.   Thank you for your creative spirit that you share with us.  Jesus, give wisdom to all those who are shopping for gifts for the children in their lives.  Help them to find these creative, wonderful toys.  Thank you for moments of joy spent looking through a toy store.  Amen

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