Thursday, November 21, 2013

Day 21 - Thankful for a cozy Fireplace!

Today was one of those grey, nearly winter days.  It was actually "spitting" rain when I stood outside with a large group of kids on the playground.  This playground time left me feeling chilled to the bone.  I even resorted to a late afternoon cup of coffee in the hopes of warming up. But it didn't help. I was glad when I could put on my winter coat and head home!  So, after driving home (in the rain) I was incredibly thankful for our electric fireplace insert!  All I had to do was hit the remote and the warming comfort of "flames"  - even though they are fake flames - filled the room.  It only took a couple of minutes for me to relax and warm up.  So, yes, I am thankful for that electric heater fireplace insert that allows me to have an "instant" fire! 

Of course, over and over we are told that our culture has become much to dependant on instant gratification.  There are warnings about what the world will look like in a few years because our children can't wait for anything!  While I would have to agree that, in some cases, instantly having every need met is not a good thing.  But I have been thinking about some areas that are GOOD to not have to wait!

1.  Topping my list tonight is my fireplace.  Yep, I love an instant fire - with warmth and flickering flames. 
2.  I for one, love INSTANT oatmeal.  I know that many people would say how much better the stuff is that needs to cook for 20 or 30 minutes.  But I would much rather have oatmeal in the morning quickly, than not have oatmeal!
3.  I love digital pictures that are more "instant" than the old Polaroid pictures!  Really, we see our photos the second we take them.  I do not miss waiting for weeks or months to develop those rolls of film. 
4.  I am very fond of my "K cup" coffee maker.  Again, just like the oatmeal, I would much rather have quick coffee (fills my travel mug in about 3 minutes) than no coffee at all! 
5.  I am so glad that I can instantly connect with Jesus.  No need for long winded prayers.  Just a simple "Jesus" does the trick!

Jesus, thank you for all of the wonderful quick and time saving things that we have. 
Mostly, thank you for always being there when we call.  Holy Spirit, remind us all to call out to you any time and any where.  And Jesus, thank you for warming me up tonight!   Amen

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