Friday, November 22, 2013

Day 22 - Thankful for Great Sales - Even before "Black Friday"!

I had a wonderful shopping day today.  I managed to save a ridiculous amount of money, just by watching for that "special" shopping day at one of my favorite stores.  They send out a coupon for $50 off of a $100 purchase.  And they include a 25% off coupon, good on everything!  So I had assembled a list of Christmas items and managed to get many of the things I wanted (as well as a couple of extra things!) The savings were crazy good.  Then, I stopped at another store and found an item that I really wanted and had not been able to find - again at a really low price!  On top of all of this, I stopped at another store, where I had purchased a couple of items (also Christmas gifts) and today I had an email saying those items were $5 off.  They were very gracious and with no hassle at all, gave me the $10!  Yes, this was a Jesus shopping day.
I just love it when Jesus arranges for us to get the things that we most want!  Especially when they are intended gifts for other people.  We don't have a huge budget for Christmas and it feels so good to be able to bless our family with exactly the right presents. 
Many people might think it is silly to think that Jesus had anything to do with my shopping trip today.  But I know that when I trust Jesus to provide in every way, that includes the provision for gift giving.  I feel so blessed myself, and days like today allow me to pass on that blessing.  I am a bargain hunter and a coupon clipper and price matcher.  And I am not ashamed to say so.  I really see all of these things as just the way that Jesus blesses our family. Yes, I am thankful for amazing great sales!
Jesus, thank you so much for providing for our family in so many ways.  Holy Spirit, remind us all that Jesus IS our provision.  Help us to trust and rely on Jesus to be our provision in ALL things - even our gift giving.  Thank you for great sales and savings.  Amen 

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