Monday, November 25, 2013

Day 25 - Thankful for Oreo Cookies.....and fun with little ones


So today I am thankful for Oreo Cookies and all of those smart people who come up with cute, creative ideas to turn a plain old Oreo into a turkey, in honor of Thanksgiving!

Oreo Turkey
I got to help 16 little three year olds create these cute little turkeys to take home.  Ours looked a bit different.  They had a Whopper for the head that was "glued" on with frosting.  The eyes were supposed to work with frosting, but it seemed to just end up being a huge pool of frosting with two tiny eyes.  Then we used frosting pens to make the beak and waddle.  Messy, but you got the general idea.  The most important thing was that the kids were so excited to create these turkeys.  How could you not be thankful when you saw those little faces just light up when they saw their finished projects. 
The best part of this project was listening to the kids tell me what they were thankful for.  I asked each one to share as they were making their turkey.  I heard lots of "Mommy and Daddy" and a few said "toys".  There were a couple who didn't have anything to say (quite honestly, we have some with limited English so I don't think they really understood what I was asking).  And then there were two with special 'thankful for" things.  One little girl said "Teacher Ms. Jackie", who is the lead teacher in this classroom.  How sweet!  This girl has a special relationship to Ms. Jackie and you could tell that she really is thankful for her.  And then there was my favorite of the day.  A little boy that also has some language barrier but does speak English.  He is often seen as a bit of a trouble maker, but I have seen what a sweet boy he really is. He gives great hugs and often comes up and stands by me.  When I asked what he was thankful for, he wrinkled up his face, thoughtfully put his finger on his lip, then broke out in a huge smile and said, "YOU!"   
No further words are necessary today.  Yes, I am thankful for Oreos, time making Oreo turkeys, and sweet little Duvod. 
Jesus, thank you so much for today.  Thank you for your provision of this job for me.  You knew that this was just what I needed.  Holy Spirit, continue to speak thankfulness into all of our hearts.  Help us to see all the things in our life - big and small - that we should appreciate.  Jesus, bless all of these sweet children and their families.  Help me to continue to be thankful every day!  Amen 

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