Sunday, November 17, 2013

Day 17 - Thankful for a praying mom!

This picture was taken when Lia was just a couple months old!  I love this picture so much!  I am so thankful that we made the effort to have these taken. I got to thinking about this picture today because of an article I read yesterday on the Elijah List. You can read the article here  Doug Addison Article.  Near the end of this article Doug talks about babies that are not yet born.  All I could think about was my new expected granddaughter!  When Lia was born, she was my mom's 20th great-grandchild!  I suspect that some of my mom's 11 grandchildren and (now) 23 great-grandchildren would be surprised to know that she had real insight into the plans and purposes that Jesus had for each of them!  What a blessing it was that she really got to know each child.  After Lia was born we talked a lot about who she might become! I am so blessed to know that she prayed for me, for my children, and for my grandchildren.  How many times have you heard the story of a life changed because of a praying grandma? Well, I believe that is true for our family. 

I believe that this is an important part of parenting and grand parenting.  Once you get a vision for the direction that Jesus might have for your children and grandchildren, you can pray into them. I am so thankful that I saw my mom model this aspect of parenting.  She prayed for all of us.  She listened and cared about what was important to each of us.  She treated each child as an individual and saw the wonder and delight of the direction that each one went.  When some walked off a clear and straight path, she prayed that they would be protected and guided back.  She never judged or lost faith in any one of us.  She truly trusted us all to Jesus.  I believe that she understood the important fact that our children are only loaned to us -  really they belong to Jesus.

So, yes, today I am thankful for a mom that prayed!  And I am so thankful that I can carry on this amazing practice, as I pray for my own children and grandchildren.

Jesus, thank you so much for reminding me, of the many, many prayers of my mother.  Holy Spirit, help me to hold my children and grandchildren in prayer every day.  Jesus, speak to all that are reading this today, to see the importance of covering the children that they know, in prayer.  Thank you for the amazing plans and purposes you have for Lia, Ellie, Zeke and Anna!  Amen

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