Thursday, January 23, 2014

Blast from the past..... like circa 1900

Today I was thinking about all of the important people in my life that I have never met.  That is because they all died before I was born.  I think this came off of my post yesterday missing my loved one!  I am certainly not the only person who experienced this.  But I got to thinking about my grandparents.  I only had one grandfather alive until I was just shy of 3 years old.  I really don't remember him at all.  And I had one grandmother who died when I was 3 1/2 years old.  I never really knew any of my grandparents.  I admit that I have always been fascinated by my mothers mom.  As I have said before, she died when my mom was only 2 years old.  Whenever I felt bad about not having any grandparents, my mom would remind me that she never knew her mother.  That was a sobering statement.  The picture above is of my grandmother (my mothers mom) and her mother and sisters and possibly an aunt.  My grandmother, Nora Larson Toensing is second from the left. I believe that the others are from the left, Louise, then Nora, then Effie leaning on Ellen.  The two women in the front are the unknowns.  I believe one of these is my great grandmother, Martha Rockne Larson.  I believe that this picture was taken around 1900.  Don't you just love the clothes?  And the hair styles?  And all of the other "stuff" in the picture?  I sure wish that I could have had a complete explanation of this picture.  Like, when and where was this taken?  Was it for a special occasion? 

And this is why I love scrapbooking.  Even if very few people look at my completed albums now, someday way off in the distant future, maybe a great great grandchild will be thankful that I not only put the pictures on the pages, but I also wrote about them. 

For tonight, I am looking very closely at this picture.  And I am imagining these very important people.  And I am missing them.  It is different than the missing I talked about yesterday.  But none the less, it is missing them.  Tonight I am also thinking about my soon to be born new little granddaughter.  I can't wait to hold and cuddle her and also share her picture on this blog! 

Isn't it wonderful that God's plan includes this wonderful answer to this sense of loss and missing we feel for our grandparents and great grandparents by providing our OWN children and grandchildren?  What a blessing that is!

Jesus, thank you for this picture, for all that you are showing me.  Holy Spirit it is amazing how you bring different pictures into my mind.  Help us all to see and embrace the generations in our family.  Thank you for pictures, preservation, scanning and scrapbooking!  Amen

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