Saturday, January 25, 2014

Unexpected worth........

So over the last few weeks, Ken has been going around the house looking for unusual things to photograph.  It's interesting to me the things that he chooses.  This photo WAS NOT taken by him.  It is my phone photo because I wanted to share about this today.  His photo would be much, much better than this. 
But I was thinking about these "desert cups" (as my mom called them).  I will never forget my mom's reaction when I asked for these during her "clean out" before she moved to her apartment.  I had a very specific list of things that I really wanted.  And these were on the list.  She told me that these were "grocery store give aways" that came with jelly inside.  She could not believe that I wanted some old jelly jars.  But, for me, I remembered having these beside my plate, night after night.  Usually they held "sauce" (canned fruit) but sometimes, on special occasions, they held tapioca pudding. My family will tell you that I love tapioca pudding. I guess that's why I love these glass dishes so much.  Such wonderful memories from my childhood.

Isn't it true that the value of our memories has nothing to do with the COST of whatever created those memories.  I suppose that I would have loved these just as much if they were costly crystal.  But the thing is, we most likely would not have been using them everyday if they WERE crystal.  Really, who uses those good dishes everyday?  So the worth of these dishes for me is the memory.

I am so glad that our worth has nothing to do with our financial status.  Jesus sees our value even when we are unforgiven. Or beat up and dented and dirty.  Then Jesus can clean us up and use us everyday.  He doesn't save us for big occasions.  Even though we are just like this grocery store jelly jar - sort of common place - Jesus is happy to put us into service.  With the presence of the Holy Spirit we are just as valuable and beautiful as the most expensive crystal.  I am so grateful that these really pretty little dishes led me to this important reminder tonight.    

Jesus, thank you for these wonderful glass dishes that hold so many memories.  Holy Spirit thank you for the reminder that our worth is not tied to anything except our value to Jesus.  How wonderful to know that Jesus is pleased to use us everyday!  Amen

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