Friday, January 24, 2014

From CYC to Beth Moore

Today my devotion began with the Bible verse - Luke 2:52. 
"And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and favor with God and men"
This was one of those times I just got stuck on the very first line of the devotion.  My mind started to wander back to a time when this verse was spoken over and over in my house.  At the breakfast table, in the car, at bedtime.  I grew quite tired of hearing this verse recited over and over.  It was the key verse for the CYC program (this was a kids midweek program similar to Awana) that Gwen had joined with her friend Angel.  It was held at Angel's church and I was quite happy when Gwen decided that she wanted to go every week.  Eventually Doug even attended this program.  There was lots of fun and many, many bible verses were memorized!  I well remember sitting at the breakfast table going over Ephesians 6:10-18 (armor of God verses) until I had the entire thing memorized!  And just for good measure, here is Gwen with her friend at CYC!
Okay, enough with the flashback to CYC.  On to the devotion, which I did finally complete.  I really love the overall direction of this study.  Today's title was "Picturing Jesus".  I just love that this scripture about Jesus was used to "picture" him.  I spent a bit of time on the section of this lesson that focused on Jesus having "favor" with men. 
Beth Moore says "people didn't just respect Jesus, they liked him.  The word favor is undeniably related to the word favorite.  It is safe to say that Jesus was a favorite of many who knew him."   I love thinking about this verse in this way.  It does make Jesus seem more human.   And then I glanced at the side bar on the page of this lesson.  Here is what it said............
In today's terms, Jesus was a man who could preach an anointed sermon, then change a flat tire on the way home from church. 

There was a lot to think about in the devotion today.  And I love that I am drawing closer to Jesus by thinking about his humanness as well as his Godliness. 

Jesus, thank you so much for who you are.  Holy Spirit I love that you reveal more of who Jesus is.  Thank you for bringing our family into the CYC program.  Thank you for Beth Moore and this amazing devotional.  Help us all to be willing to see Jesus in a different way.  Amen

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