Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ebb and Flow.....

Today, Lyn, we believe God wants you to know that ...

there is an ebb and flow to this life

Trust this peaceful rhythm. If there were constant flow,
we would drown in the intensity. Ebb is as necessary as flow.
I just love that so often Jesus speaks to me in this "Message from God" app.  Today I have been considering this message about ebb and flow.   I love the instruction to trust in the peaceful rhythm.  Yesterday certainly felt like an ebb day.  I was just bathed in peace and as you know, accomplished much.  So it seems kind of odd to say that it was an EBB day.  My spirit says that I was at peace yesterday.  Today, on the other hand, I haven't really accomplished as much. 
Since I have started this new job in October, my work weeks have all been FLOW!  I seem to go from one day to the next and by the time Friday comes, I am very tired.  And I do feel at times like I am drowning.  But then comes the weekend.  I have been able to step back and relax and feel like I can do another week.  Yes, this is one picture of that ebb and flow.
Then I started thinking about the last several years.   Most of the year I am just in that day to day flow.  And then there is that amazing time called vacation.  Yes, it is the ebb time that brings that longer lasting peace.  It holds peace than just a weekend. 
Considering my spiritual life, I can certainly see that ebb and flow.  I just had never considered that ALWAYS being in the flow might cause me to drown in the intensity. 
I am remembering some amazing times with the Lord.  Really HIGH times.  When I was just sailing on the move of the Spirit.  But I can see that I might have started to drown if things had not taken a quieter turn.  You really have to have some down time to assimilate and take in all that the Lord has said and done.  It seems that without that ebb, you might lose much of what was given to you in that flow.   
This has all led me to think about my "ideal" vacation.  I love the ocean.  I LOVE THE OCEAN!  Ken and I have been to the gulf many times, but it just does not effect me the same way as the ocean.  When I sit there and watch those waves ebb and flow and see the movement of the tides, something happens in my spirit.  It feels as if I am "reset" after a time at the ocean.  Even just a couple of days is enough time. 
So tonight I am thankful for the ebb and flow. 

Jesus, thank you for knowing us so well.  You know that we need down time to process what we have received in the flow.  Holy Spirit, thanks for the reminder that we need to celebrate the EBB as well as the FLOW.  Amen

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