Sunday, January 26, 2014

Can't get her out of my mind today

Anna Elizabeth Toensing
Gosh, I know that I have blogged over and over about all of my relatives that have in some way, impacted my life.  I have told many, many stories about my mom and dad and their families.  I even did an entire post about this women.... my mom's Aunt Anna.  I have not ever posted this particular picture of her.  It was taken in 1954 - the year I was born.  She died in 1956.  I don't have a single picture of her with me.  I looked and looked and there are simply no pictures of me with her.  I had a dream about her last night and she was dressed exactly like this picture.  Somewhere in my mind, I was seeing this picture.  I just love the flowers in her hair and on her dress.  I know that I am thinking about her because of the anticipated arrival of my newest granddaughter Annaleigh.  In my dream she was holding a little girl.  And that girl was me.

I once told my mom about a dream I had when I was much younger.  I told her I was in a room I did not recognize but I could see a women sitting in a chair with her ankles crossed.  She was holding a very delicate tea cup.  There was a coffee table in front of her, and a much younger version of myself was sitting on a small stool with a tea cup of milk on the table in front of me.  When I told my mom this dream she immediately said, well that was Aunt Ann!  She used to watch you for me in the afternoon and she would serve you "tea" when she had her cup of tea.  During the last year of her life, my dad was very sick and in the hospital.  Aunt Ann would watch me so that my mom could go and visit my dad in the hospital when my sisters and brothers were at school. Clearly this made an impact on me since this memory was brought back in a dream.  If I close my eyes, I can see her as she was in that dream. 

I am so glad that Gwen and Tim decided to use the name Anna.  I know that it is a family name on ALL sides of the family, but tonight I am just celebrating the connection to this amazing women.  And more than that, I am celebrating tonight that Jesus has shown me another reason that I am grateful for the insight the Holy Spirit has given me into my family.  I love that I can see how this women impacted my mom and had a part in the woman that she was.  And then I can see how my mom effected my own life and also my children.  And even my grandchildren.  Isn't it wonderful that you can actually see how important it is to spend time with your grandchildren?  I am so thankful for this Godly, Jesus loving woman who shared her faith and values with the family that God provided her - her brother and his children.  Because of her selflessness, my mom had a great substitute "mom" and my siblings and I had a wonderful "Aunt Ann".  I pray that Annaleigh is blessed with these same character traits of Anna Toensing and is filled with the faith and love of Jesus. 

Jesus, thank you for this reminder today.  Please watch over Gwen and Annaleigh and provide the perfect birthday for her!  Holy Spirit, thank you that you are increasing my awareness of your working in my family and my life.  Help us all to see and celebrate those important people in our families.   Amen

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